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The inspiration to create our Ton Up Clothing brand came from two forces which over time crossed paths, and eventually came together to switch the lights on big time. A meeting that became a long-term friendship, and a passion that became a clothing brand.

In 2014, Robin, our Designer, a young, seasoned two wheeling road hog, and myself, an older, less seasoned biker began to work closely with Mr Ace, Mark Wilsmore and his team at the Ace Café London, designing and producing their premium range of casual gear.

As a dyed in the wool original rocker, and Ton Up boy – the real deal, Mark’s knowledge and insights, all gained through his love of bikes, speed, and rock n roll in the Ton Up era, took us into the heart of a parallel universe which is as vibrant today as it was then, just a tad safer.

We quickly saw the connection between the association with our modern day Ton Up boys, our Red Riders, John McGuinness, Guy Martin, Lee Johnston, Conor Cummins and Dean Harrison, started attending race meets together, and forged an enduring friendship, which I’m proud to say has gone way beyond our business dealings.

On the road, across continents, in bars, cafes, hotels, and dubious roadside haunts, we’ve shared many moments of fun, frustration, utter stupidity, and outrageous behaviour, attending events together in Daytona, Birmingham (Alabama), Germany, Italy, France, Isle of Man, and the UK.

Our road trip with Mark, HP Ruetten,  Conor Cummins and host of likeminded bikers on machines that ranged from modern day beasts to late 60’s icons, riding from the Glemseck in Stuttgart Germany to the Ace Café in London will remain with us forever. It was a real privilege to be there.

All the while, our knowledge, experience and expertise in designing and producing outstanding casual clothing was getting louder and prouder, driven by our No Shit, No Sweat mantra that to this day pushes back against the tidal wave of cheap, short life, shoddy build apparel.

In 2017 the forces came together and we decided to create our bespoke brand, Ton Up Clothing, dedicated to keeping the spirit of rebellious speed alive and well through a mix of superb, authentic design and an enduringly high quality build standard.

Today, with customers from Osaka to Oregon and beyond, we’re making waves, and steady progress. It’s a haul, but we love what we do and what we stand for. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

We don’t aim to be the biggest, but we do aim to raise the bar, and in doing so, produce clothing that keeps the spirit of the Ton Up era alive and kicking, and that our customers cherish for its look, comfort and long lasting quality.


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